Backend support for onsite film production

COPY Equip your production office with copiers, printers, mobile internet, and other high-performance commercial equipment. Short-term, flexible contracts. Expedited delivery options available.

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Your back office — delivered on schedule

Film production is often fast-paced and runs on tight deadlines. Building a back office solution that suits your needs only slows things down.

Rather than committing time and money to overcome these logistical dilemmas, coordinate with our team to build a custom solution and have it delivered on your schedule.

Get the office you need, no matter where your production takes you.

Flexible contracts to fit your production schedule

Traditional rental contracts often can’t accommodate flexible shooting schedules. Shifting deadlines can leave you without the equipment you need to get the job done, creating unexpected headaches and production delays. 

We Rent Copiers specializes in short- and medium-term, flexible contracts that are easy to shorten and extend as you see fit. 

Is a shoot running longer than expected? Extend your rental. Did the crew wrap up a few days early? Return your equipment when you’re ready.

High speed internet when & where you need it

Staying connected is easy when you’re shooting in a studio or working onsite in New York City. But finding a consistent signal while filming in Death Valley or the Everglades can be a greater challenge.

We Rent Copiers offers commercial-grade 5G hotspots and Starlink antennas so that you can enjoy high speed internet no matter where you go.

Fast, reliable & ready for heavy use

Eliminate technology frustrations and focus on what really matters: creating incredible films.

From scripts and storyboards to shot lists and call sheets, enhance your production efficiency with high-performance back office equipment designed for heavy use.


How does the rental process work?

We Rent Copiers offers a wide selection of office equipment, from commercial copiers to satellite and mobile internet.

After browsing our product selections, request a quote. A member of our sales team will help you finalize your order and confirm your details.

Your equipment will arrive at your requested location and will be ready to use by the start date you select.

When your rental period ends, our team will return to collect the equipment.

Will I get the exact equipment model that I order?

Often, yes.

However, similar to a rental car agency, we carry a variety of models that offer similar performance.

Depending on warehouse availability, you may receive comparable equipment that varies slightly from your initial selection.

Can I extend the length of my rental?

Yes! All rental contracts can be extended beyond their initial end date.

In the event you need to retain your equipment, contact our support team.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver equipment to any location within the United States.

Delivery requests to conference halls, community centers, hotel boardrooms, corporate campuses, and sports arenas are common.

If your venue can accept deliveries and has space for a commercial unit, we can assist.

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