Litigation logistics for legal teams

Empower your legal war room with reliable, high-performance copiers, shredders, and other critical office infrastructure.

Get streamlined logistical support — including shipping, assembly, and setup — for the furniture and equipment that you need to get your office up and running.

Short-term, flexible rentals available.

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Get fast & reliable equipment

Expedite your legal process with commercial office equipment built for purpose. Our fleet of copiers, printers, and shredders are designed for heavy workloads where speed and consistency matter.

From printing discovery documents to shredding sensitive case details, work with equipment that can get the job done.

The office you need — where you need it

The copiers in your home office are useless if you aren’t there to use them. Unfortunately, temporary offices are filled with subpar equipment that can slow productivity when deadlines are tight.

We Rent Copiers provides commercial equipment tailored to your unique needs. We offer secure shredders and shred bins, copiers with internal or external finishers, and other high-performance hardware for use when speed matters most.

Avoid delays by selecting the commercial equipment you need and having us deliver it to the destination of your choice.

Streamlined logistical support & setup

You have bigger things to worry about than setting up your office. Eliminate vendor hassles and route your equipment requests through our team.

Need a new workstation or a table and set chairs?

Tell us what equipment you need and where you want it to go. Our team will deliver and assemble it so that it’s ready to go when you need it.

It’s that simple.

Hassle-free delivery & setup

Nothing is perfect. Paper jams. Prints misalign. Software malfunctions. And troubleshooting is always a hassle — unless you have help.

We Rent Copiers provides support packages designed to maximize productivity and uptime during critical litigation periods.


How does the rental process work?

We Rent Copiers offers a wide selection of office equipment, from commercial copiers to satellite and mobile internet.

After browsing our product selections, request a quote. A member of our sales team will help you finalize your order and confirm your details.

Your equipment will arrive at your requested location and will be ready to use by the start date you select.

When your rental period ends, our team will return to collect the equipment.

Will I get the exact equipment model that I order?

Often, yes.

However, similar to a rental car agency, we carry a variety of models that offer similar performance.

Depending on warehouse availability, you may receive comparable equipment that varies slightly from your initial selection.

Can I extend the length of my rental?

Yes! All rental contracts can be extended beyond their initial end date.

In the event you need to retain your equipment, contact our support team.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver equipment to any location within the United States.

Delivery requests to conference halls, community centers, hotel boardrooms, corporate campuses, and sports arenas are common.

If your venue can accept deliveries and has space for a commercial unit, we can assist.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is based around your trial settling before it begins.

  • Before equipment is sent, you’ll get a full refund.

  • While equipment is in transit but before delivery, you’ll pay for round-trip fees.

  • After equipment is delivered, we’ll charge for one week of usage (our minimum fee).

If your trial proceeds as planned but ends early, we can adjust your rate based on the existing duration of your rental.

Ready to get started?

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